✿What happened to Teeki?✿


We were operating very successfully for years. We successfully made and shipped around 1 million pants. Then we had to face some hard lessons in business, and it went like this.....

1.We had a breakdown in organization

2.Our supply chain was interrupted 

3.We suddenly found ourself unable to fulfill the orders that we were taken and it left us with 183 orders that we were and have been unable to ship, before we had to shut our website down and regroup. 

4. It was a disaster for our business and we are humbly re-emerging to make it right. We want to fulfill our duty and the only way to do that is to reopen. 


1. we have 153 orders that were not able to ship. we are issuing these beauties store credit that matches the previous order that wasn't shipped. we are just relaunching so we are asking for you to please be patient as we handle. please email TEEKIREVIVAL@GMAIL.COM for any questions.

2. we have outstanding gift cards that we will honor. In order for us to be sustainable as we open, your gift cards will be available for use this Christmas 2O21. 

We apologize for not shipping the orders that we took. it was never our intention not to, its just what happened with a mismanagement of funds and organization. A very wise man once told us, there are 2 parts to TRUST. 1. TRUST 2. VERIFY. we didn't verify for reasons of exhaustion and heartbreak and we are sooo very sorry. we had to stop. we had to change. we had to be humbled at the deepest levels. we are on the mend and are reemerging as butterflies. we promise to do it 1OO% right. TO value and hold our customers and their money and time on high, to properly manage funding, to only agree to what we are capable of, to VERIFY on all levels and to humbly ask for forgiveness. and most importantly to make our wrongs right. we are FEARLESS, EARTH ANGELS and this is our HOME. 

we're prayin for the biggest LOVE REVIVAL EVER. we're prayin for the strength to do it great again and to be free of the hard times forever. we are prayin for forgiveness and a second chance, a smooth transition and the ability to make it right with our fans.