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✿ swimmin' in roses ✿ teeki tube top

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THIS is the perfect tube top. ROCK your work out in it, or dance in it, sleep in it, wake up in and roll around in it. its a ramblers bestie. we love you!! and we want you to feel even cuter!!! so here ya go.

★All size BOOBS approved - with the right size

★American Made

★Elastic Free

★Four Way Stretch




★Chafe Resistant

★Buttery Soft

★OG Teeki Hot Pant Fabric

YOU WANNA NEW LIFE? YOU WANT YOU'RE CUTE GIRL DREAMS TO COME TRUE? we do and we're dedicated to helping you get it.

cosmic cowgirls, horseback riding, yoga, dancin, lounging, airplanes and boats, adventurers, happiness, raising babies. This Is The New 1970’s Fashion. 🦋